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Our story

Orca was founded in 2001 in Dakar, Senegal, a small city in West Africa. We started with a little store on a busy street by selling tumbler glasses and some textiles. Over the years, we learned to keep our ears open to the needs of our customers around the continent and grew by offering them the products they wanted at prices they could afford

Through hard work, dedication, and passion, we are today present in 18 African countries, with over 30 state of the art showrooms and 50,000 product references, making us the leading one-stop-shop in Africa for all your household goods.

Whether you are looking for a new living room, a bed for your newborn, to furnish your new gym, or get Christmas gifts for the family, Orca is your home away from home.

20 years ago, homes throughout Africa included only the most basic necessities. In large part because of their cost, only the few people at the top could afford to work in a stylish yet practical office environment and come home to a warm and comforting setting.

At Orca, we made it our mission to bring in affordable furniture in Africa, while also offering complementary decoration and outdoor items at the most competitive prices, affordable to everyone.

Our Timeline